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FRM Profile

Who Are We?

Front-line Resources Management (FRM) is an Australian owned company, specialising in recruitment services for the international freight forwarding, shipping, customs & logistics industries. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

All Company Directors and employees are International Transport & Custom Industry Specialists, having a total of 100 + years (combined) actual industry experience.

At Front-line, our goal is not only to provide the highest standard of recruitment and selection services to clients – but it is also to identify additional opportunities for our clients to achieve measurable improvements in areas such as reduced staff turnover and increased employee retention, increased customer satisfaction, and improved sales productivity.

We also identify the needs of the candidate and implement processes that ensure these needs are, at present and in to the future, met.

We take steps to ensure that the needs of both the organisation and the candidate are harmonious between the two parties. This approach contributes to significant improvement in the success rate of the recruitment and selection process, and reduces tangible and intangible costs to both the organisation and to the candidate.

Our Ethics

The freight recruitment industry has traditionally been viewed as a process low on quality and ethics, and high on charges. At FRM we have worked hard to change this perception through open and honest dealings within an industry that needs the very best people to ensure its growth and secure its international competitiveness.

As ex-industry executives, we have all been victims of poor recruitment services, such as unsolicited resumes, credentials left unchecked, inappropriate candidates, poaching by agencies, intentional inflation of salaries and excessive recruitment charges. At FRM we have deliberately established strict and ethical operating standards that differentiate us from the competition and we will not to waiver from these standards.

 Our People

Each member of the FRM team has had a minimum of 7 years experience, working within various facets of the International Transport and Logistics fields, in positions ranging from junior operations to senior executives. As such, our team has an intimate understanding of the requirements of the industry, from both the client perspective, as well as the candidate perspective.

Additionally, our people hold nationally recognised and endorsed qualifications in training, transport and logistics. These qualifications are to the Certificate IV level or higher. We can also source internally from team members qualified in Management, Human Resources, and International Business.

All members of FRM display respect and dignity to their colleagues in a creative, secure and open environment.

 Our Services

In today’s diverse and dynamic business environment one of the greatest costs to business is its people. Within this category, staff turnover represents a high percentage of the cost associated with employment, and can be responsible for tangible and intangible losses to both the organisation and the person. To prevent these unnecessary costs from being incurred, FRM takes a wider view than simply ‘putting a body in a seat’, but rather offer additional services in the areas of skills / career development and organisational consulting to aid in increased job satisfaction and staff retention.

Recruitment & Selection Services

FRM’s policy is to advertise for suitable candidates but will not contact existing employees for the purpose of ‘encouraging’ staff to leave one company to join another. Furthermore, as our team members are from an industry-background, with an intimate understanding of industry requirements from a junior operational position to senior executive, we have a thorough understanding of the position requirement and will only recommend candidates who we would employ ourselves. This often means that we may not be able to offer a suitable candidate because we are not prepared to offer sub-standard candidates.

FRM is able to offer the above standard of recruitment and selection services to the following:

  • To Shipping Lines, Airlines, Freight Forwarders, International Trade, Transport & Logistics
  • Permanents, Part-time, Casual, Temporary staff
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Tele-Sales Operators
  • Operations Staff – Air/Sea
  • Customs
  • Logistics
  • Cartage

Behavioural and Psychometric Testing

Interviews and reference-checks are commonly utilised tools in the selection process. In order to further ensure the validity and reliability of this process, FRM is able to facilitate the use of behavioural and psychometric testing. These forms of testing are used to assess and evaluate characteristics of the candidate, such as, knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, motivations, values and interests under standardised conditions, and, in conjunction with the job analysis of the position applicable, can be utilised to reduce the guesswork and bias that can occur in the selection process. This further ensures the appropriate ‘fit’ between the organisation and candidate.

Skills Development Services

Career development services can benefit the employee by increasing their skill base and their job satisfaction. This, in turn, benefits the organisation with a more highly skilled pool of employees and lower staff turnover. FRM is able to offer skill development services in the following:

  • Customer relations – front line skills
  • Skills profiling
  • Sales representative development
  • Sales Management
  • Management Skills – Frontline Management Initiative
  • Nationally Accredited Training services

Consultancy & Outsourcing Services

In business today, organisations must allocate their resources to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the use of these resources. By enabling our clients to focus on the core competencies in which they have comparative advantage, and strategically outsourcing services to FRM, our clients are able to achieve an increased focus on their core business whilst benefiting from the knowledge, skills and expertise of FRM team members. FRM is able to assist in achieving cost-benefit outcomes for our clients in the following:

  • Customer satisfaction programs and measurement
  • Business opportunity identification programs
  • Sales resource planning and budgeting
  • Sales process effectiveness studies
  • Outsourced senior sales management roles
  • Outsourced Human Resource functions